ANCCP has a European strategic plan, whose objectives include promoting collaboration with other centers that issue certificates of professionalism from other EU countries, through the construction of a network for the implementation of projects and the achievement of common objectives on the European scene, seeking to provide practical support and information services in this regard to our members. That is why the consortium is created with 5 of our most active partners and the project is presented. The objectives of the ANCCP with this project are: to encourage and support the Centres to strengthen European cooperation in the field of training related to Vocational Certification within a single educational system and to create an exchange platform.
ANCCP proposes staff mobility, ( in particular 20 teaching and management staff participants) to 3 host organizations (PT, DE, FR) for a period of observation and learning of 4 days. The profile of the professionals in our centers is that of managers, training coordinators, teachers, and practice tutors. The latter are professionals in the disciplines covered by the respective certificates of professionalism developed by the centers.

The activities will be guided visits to the training centers, both to its management, control, and monitoring departments, as well as to the courses in execution or the internships in companies if any. The content of the information expected by the professionals of the host organizations accompanying the participants in their activities, mainly on the implementation of the Certificate of the Professionalism training system in the host organizations of professionalism, of work-linked/dual training in the countries, as well as their accreditation, and certification.
We have selected the host partners of (PT, DE, FR), for being countries where the System of recognition, validation, and certification of professional competences depends on the educational administration as now in Spain and especially in Germany, as a federated state with educational competences transferred to their Länder, as here(Spain) they are transferred to the autonomies. ANCCP has a relationship with everyone through the mobility projects of one of its partners.
CECOA (PT) with 25 years in European projects is another of the main reasons for choosing CECOA as a host organization.
Stiftung Bildung & Handwerk (DE) since 2005, SBH has been offering students the opportunity to gain their job and daily experience in other European countries in the framework of ERASMUS + mobility.

MFR La Montagnette (FR) has been carrying out mobility to different countries of Europe for 8 years: Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, Spain.
This project has to be useful to the ANCCP and its participating partners as our European and neighboring partners teach us how to successfully achieve, as they are doing, being considered a valid partner in the educational world, especially as a result of the inclusion of training for employment in the competencies of the Ministry of Education, this being an opportunity.
Although our partners already have strong links with their certified companies at local level, our intention is to increase the relationship with companies at national and European level, encouraging the incorporation into the ANCCP of certification training centres set up directly by national and international companies in order to enhance this knowledge of labour market needs directly.

We want this opportunity for exchange to bring about a significant change in our organisations, giving visibility to the key role of European training in the coming years, alongside vocational training centres, for disadvantaged groups , which are a very large percentage of our students, those who have serious problems accessing the formal learning pathway and who need an inclusive educational approach such as the one we are providing in our classrooms. All participating organizations have committed themselves to actively disseminating the project to reach as many participants as possible in the target groups, both through local and national conferences / events and following a marketing plan on social networks and organization websites, whose compliance and results will be evaluated.